(left) Scott Ullah on his day off in the Spotted

Dog, Penshurst in Kent. A man who loves the

English countryside and all that's in it.

Pen and watercolour.


I have walked through woodland on a quiet

Sunday morning with that most uplifting of music

called birdsong and the smell of fern and moss all

around me. I know immediately that I am on

hallowed ground so that I am not sure whether my

presence there is a right or a privilege. I know one

thing. We have a duty to protect it for the

generations to come and, of course, for that other

precious life that lives there, the wildlife. There is

something essentially mystical about it all and it is

there that you fully understand the phrase ‘Mother


(left) A recent caricature of Scott Ullah using a brush pen.

The King's Head in Deal, Kent. A bit of Olde Englande