Robert Edwards

from Ramsgate in East Kent

Landline 01843 580854        Mobile 07814 946 629

I am Robert Edwards, a cartoonist and caricaturist living in Ramsgate on the South East coast of England.  I can be contacted by clicking on my e-mail address below.

Offer your friends or family that special personal gift of a coloured and framed caricature of them, to keep in their home as a humorous memento of that special occasion ... birthdays or retirement, etc.

Enhance your corporate image with a group caricature of your staff or colleagues?  Click on page 41 (left column) (Dungeness power station) for a good example. Make prints of it and donate them as personal gifts to each of them. The ideas are endless. I can personalise your Christmas cards for printing. In fact, greetings cards of any type ... with your caricature on it. Yes, I do wedding receptions and similar functions. 

It's all a bit of fun.

Please contact me below for further details online

or phone me on one of the above numbers